Classy and pretty 💕/Review of Nishijin weaving Gama-guchi mask case

Classy and pretty 💕/Review of Nishijin weaving Gama-guchi mask case

*All reviews are from Japanese customers, for your reference.

mask case Image of use


♥️Water-repellent processing, Nishijin weaving silk, antibacterial, antiviral, gama-guchi mask case ♥️

Nishijin weaving has unexpectedly become a mask case 😳💕💕.

And because it's in the shape of a gama-guchi, it's not only easy to use, but also stylish in a Japanese style✨.


mask case inside

The inner fabric has an antibacterial and antiviral finish, so you can always carry a clean mask inside 🥰🥰🥰🥰.

It doesn't look good to put away your mask in a crumpled up box 😖💦.

Just use this mask case and it will look great and be a step up in style 🥰.


mask case image

You can put away regular white masks and cloth masks by folding the ear straps together 🌸.

The thinness of the bag makes it compact and easy to keep in your bag.

I thought this was a product that I would like to incorporate as a fashionable etiquette, not just in this day and age... ✨

(30's female)

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