Cute and functional ♡♡♡♡/Review of Nishijin weaving Gama-guchi mask case

Cute and functional ♡♡♡♡/Review of Nishijin weaving Gama-guchi mask case

*All reviews are from Japanese customers, for your reference.


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My favorite Kyoto and Japanese goods❤️

I used to look forward to traveling to Kyoto every year to buy cute Japanese goods!

I can't wait for the day when I can travel normally without worrying about anything!

Masks are indispensable for preventing corona, influenza, and hay fever.

While individually wrapped masks are good, many masks sold in boxes are not individually wrapped.

You can carry such masks hygienically and cutely in this water-repellent, Nishijin weaving silk, antibacterial, antiviral, gama-guchi mask case.

The name is long, but as the name suggests, the original Nishijin weaving fabric is processed domestically, and everything is made by hand by craftsmen in Japan.


mask case inside

It is a high-functional case with a water-repellent finish, antibacterial and antiviral properties, which is very appreciated this time of year!

Made of luxurious Nishijin weaving made of pure silk (100 percent silk)

Deep wine color with a lovely three-color cherry blossom pattern🌸

Glossy and smooth to the touch

When opened, there is a small pocket inside

Can hold small, non-thick items, cards, etc.

The sturdy shape of the mask prevents it from losing its shape, while the gama-guchi (clasp) makes it easy to open and close with one hand for ease of use.

The case has a slim but horizontal design that allows the nose wire to be stored without folding it, preventing the mask from losing its shape


mask case inside put mask image

The inside of the mask is made of fabric with antibacterial and antiviral treatment, which suppresses unpleasant odors and keeps the mask clean even when it has been used.

The fabric also has a water-repellent finish, so it can be used in situations where splashing is a concern, such as when changing makeup or washing hands.

All parts are made in Japan

All handmade to achieve a beautiful silhouette and durability.

You will feel better every time you use it ♫


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