Elegant mask case/Review of Nishijin weaving Gama-guchi mask case

Elegant mask case/Review of Nishijin weaving Gama-guchi mask case

*All reviews are from Japanese customers, for your reference.


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We have two elementary school-aged children, and they forget or lose their masks at an impossible frequency.

When we get out of the car to go out, we often find our masks missing 💦, and they end up in between the seats later on. If I don't have a spare mask with me at all times, I can't go on trips without feeling safe.

I carry 3 to 4 spare masks in the "Nishijin brocade casket mask case" delivered by Atelier Kyoto Nishijin, which is durable, easy to put in and out, thin, not bulky, and has both high functionality and design.


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Each piece is made by skilled craftsmen who put their heart and soul into their work, and it has a very luxurious feel.

It is stylish with a beautiful silhouette, quick to put in and out, very convenient to carry, and very durable.

Glossy Nishijin brocade made of 100% silk.

It is made in Japan, where you can feel the craftsman's spirit of manufacturing. The outside has a water-repellent finish, and the inside has an antibacterial and antiviral finish that suppresses unpleasant odors.


gamaguchi mask case usage image

In addition to the green color of the floral snowflake, there are many other variations in design and color, such as check and staggered plaid, so you will not be able to choose just one.

I think it would be a good gift for Mother's Day.

Thank you very much for your beautiful products.


(30's female)

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