Ideal wallet😊/Review of Nishijin Weaving Gamaguchi Wallet

Ideal wallet😊/Review of Nishijin Weaving Gamaguchi Wallet

*All reviews are from Japanese customers, for your reference.


gamaguchi wallet navy


First of all, I was attracted to this stylish design😍.
I️ have only used simple long wallets and trifold wallets and have been longing for such a clasped wallet.
However, most of the designs I had seen so far were more like those used by the parents' generation, and I had a hard time taking the plunge 😞.

However, I was surprised when I saw Atelier Kyoto Nishijin's long purse with a clasp ❣️.
I was very attracted to it because it is very cute, well designed, and does not wear the designs of other brands.


gamaguchi wallet navy inside image

Furthermore, I like the fact that not only the design but also each item is very well thought out 💓.
First is the beautiful gingham check woven in Yasura warp ✨.
When weaving a multi-colored pattern such as gingham checks, the colors may appear muddy if the warp is only one color, but the Yasura warp used for this product can change the warp on the surface to match the color of the weft, resulting in a more beautiful color finish. The coloring is more beautiful.
You can enjoy the exquisite changes in color depending on the way the light hits the fabric, a delicacy that cannot be expressed with prints 💖.


gamaguchi wallet navy usage image

Furthermore, the original Nishijin weaving fabric made of pure silk without any extra processing, the delicate touch every time you touch it, and the beautiful luster unique to silk are bliss that only those who own it can feel... 😍🌟.

It's the best ministry!
I am very much looking forward to using it every day from now on.

(30's female)

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