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Atelier Kyoto Nishijin

pure silk nepped jacquard check clasp-type pochette , made in Japan

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Not too big, not too small, just the right size, perfect for everyday use.

With an adjustable shoulder belt(shoulder belt only made in China), you can hang it over your shoulder to keep your hands free.

It's very light and eliminates the "heavy without luggage" thing that leather goods tend to do!



This shoulder pochette is made of luxuriously woven silk with a wool-like texture that defies common knowledge of silk.

you'll be surprised when you pick it up.

*We use knotted silk to bring out a unique texture, so the knots are visible on the surface like a hairball. This is not a defective product. Please understand that this is a product feature.



The water-repellent finish makes it safe from sudden rain.

*It is not waterproof and the effect is not permanent.




The inner fabric is made of sturdy cotton, green for charcoal black and pink for beige.



The opening and closing brackets can be easily opened and closed with one hand.

In Japan, it is called a "Gamakuchi", its origin comes from where the frog's mouth appears to be open.

In Japanese, Gama is a frog and KUCHI is a mouth.

It is said that it calls fortune and has been favored and used by Japanese.


All hand crafted, in order to create a unique shape, piping stitches are used, a method that requires high level of craftsmanship.

Beautiful silhouette and durability.

As craftsmen put their hearts and souls into each and every one of them, which is not possible with mass-produced products.




It is an image of the size of the product.

*Please understand that there are some differences in the way of measurement.


It's not only cute, but also has a large gusset to fit your stuff in it.

500ml Plastic bottles fit horizontally, long wallet, cell phone, and other small items.


There are two open pockets on the inside for organizing small items.

It is a pochette with a bottom, so it stands on its own when you put it down.

This is surprisingly convenient.



Don't be satisfied with the brand status, be satisfied with the quality of the product.

Although made in Japan, this item is not sold in stores in Japan, so it is a rare and precious item that you can only find here.

You don't want to have something like everyone else, do you?

Made in Japan!


*Strong rubbing may cause discoloration while wet. If it gets wet, immediately wipe it off with a dry cloth and dry it sufficiently before use.

*We use a woven material, so if you scratch it with a sharp object, it will be damaged and will not be repaired. Please be careful when using it.

*although the color integration of the products picture is performed, a color may change on the display in use -- please understand the situation beforehand.

Size    H:8.66inch(22cm)×W:11.02inch(28cm)×D:3.94inch(10cm)                                                weight:0.52pounds(240g)

Material  outer:pure silk/lining:cotton

Spec               inside:open pocket×2



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