Anyway, compact/Review of Nishijin weaving Gama-guchi mask case

Anyway, compact/Review of Nishijin weaving Gama-guchi mask case

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mask case chidori


The slim opening of the Gamaguchi is a bit of a challenge, but how to store a mask is by opening the opening 180 degrees and placing the mask on top of it.
To prevent the mask from falling out, you simply put the strap through the center of the mouthpiece and close the mouthpiece. The mask can be stored just like folding it in half vertically.


mask case inside


If you use a urethane or cloth mask, it is already folded left and right, so if you store it in a lying position, it will be stored as if it is folded further left and right. It is small, measuring approximately 20 cm in width, 9 cm in height, and 1 cm in girth.


mask case side view

It weighs only about 100 grams, so it will reduce the burden on your bag, which tends to become heavy with all the sterilization goods you carry around!

In addition to masks, the bag also has a small pocket, so it can hold small items such as adhesive plasters and headache medicine.

(40's female)

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