Too stylish and yet functional!/Review of Nishijin weaving Gama-guchi mask case

Too stylish and yet functional!/Review of Nishijin weaving Gama-guchi mask case

*All reviews are from Japanese customers, for your reference.


mask case purple

Genuinely made in Japan.
Luxurious Nishijin weaving made of 100% silk, too beautiful.

It has a water-repellent finish, so there is no problem if there is even a small leakage of water.
It is also fine if you put it in your bag and got a drop of water from a plastic bottle, or if you put it on a table and it got wet from a glass of water.

The silhouette and design are too beautiful from any angle.
I used plaid and purple this time, but there are other designs and colors available, so I am sure you will find this one to your liking and love it.

When you open it up, you will see that the inside is also elegantly made.
Moreover, the inside fabric is an antibacterial and antiviral treated fabric.
I was impressed by the fact that the inner fabric also has both design and functionality.


mask case inside

My mask can be stored both vertically and horizontally.
I can put them in with the white elastic to hold them in place, and even the ones with wires in them do not lose their shape.

I thought the reason for the clasp was because of the image of Nishijin weaving or because it is fashionable, but the reason is so that it can be opened and closed with one hand.
Here, too, the specifications were designed with functionality in mind.


mask case purple

It is really functional and looks cool, and it is not only on the outside but also on the inside.
It was a product that I fell in love with at first sight, but now that I have actually held it in my hands and used it, I am realizing more and more how attractive it is.

I thought it would be a great gift for someone special, not to mention for myself!
(30's female)

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