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Atelier Kyoto Nishijin/AYANOKOJI

Ink jet printed on cotton , pile type glasses case , japanese festival "Nebuta Festival"

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It is opening and closing with a clasp - an easy glasses case.

Ink jet printed one of the famous japanese festival on strong cotton.


"Nebuta Festival"

One of the Tanabata events ,「the Weaver Star and the Cowherd Star 」[Vega and Altair] on 7 July.

Nationally famous one is the Aomori nebuta and Hirosaki neputa.

I have never seen the Nebuta Festival, one of the festivals I would like to see once live.


It is an image of the size of the product.

*Please understand that there are some differences in the way of measurement.

pile type glasses case Nebuta Festival back

The goldfish is printed on the back,goldfish Nebuta is also famous.

pile type glasses case Nebuta Festival strap-hole

The hole which a strap can attach is attached.

Image with tassel charm (tassel charm is not included with this product)


A flaw is not easily attached with the napped lining cloth.

inside pile type glasses case

The color of the lining will be brown.

inside pile type glasses case image

I put on my own glasses, it is the one I use when getting on a car, it is convenient if I keep it in this case.


*The glasses of large size may not enter,

it's up to H1.96inch(5cm)×W5.5inch(14cm)×D0.98inch(2.5cm).

pile type glasses case Nebuta Festival image


Products of simple packaging

Made in Japan!

*although the color integration of the products picture is performed, a color may change on the display in use -- please understand the situation beforehand.

Size    H:3.34inch(8.5cm)×W:7.08inch(18cm)×D:1.37inch(3.5cm)                                           weight:0.17pounds(80g)

Material  outer:cotton/lining:nylon



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