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Atelier Kyoto Nishijin/AYANOKOJI

Ink jet printed on cotton , shoulder pouch , stripe

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The shoulder pouch of a clasp , handy to put in bite-size accessories.

It is also a serviceability to use instead of a pocket by inner sides, such as a jacket, because it is not thick.

The shoulder strap which can be removed, not adjustable.

Length is about 49inch(122㎝)


Ink jet printed simple stripe on strong cotton.

Because it is a print, the pattern comes out clearly, and there is another good point different from textiles.


It is an image of the size of the product.

*Please understand that there are some differences in the way of measurement.


The side hole which a strap can attach is attached.

shoulder porch stripe navy strap-hole

Image with strap (strap is not included with this product)

Please enjoy your favorite decoration.


Clasp opens widely, a flaw is not easily attached with the napped lining cloth.

inside shoulder porch

There is one pocket inside.

The color of the lining will be brown.

A larger smart phone also goes into an entire pocket.(this is pixel3a)

It's handy to put in the accessories which use in the company.

It can be used in various ways, so it might be good to put one in your bag.



Products of simple packaging

Made in Japan!

*Only a shoulder strap is made in China.

*although the color integration of the products picture is performed, a color may change on the display in use -- please understand the situation beforehand.


Size    H:7.84inch(20cm)×W:4.72(12cm)×D:0.78inch(2cm)                                                       Weight:0.26pounds(120g)

Material  outer:cotton/lining:nylon    shoulder strap:synthetic leather 

Spec            outside:open pocket×1  inside:open pocket×1



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