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Atelier Kyoto Nishijin

Pure silk Nishijin-Ori , pile type glasses case , tartan check

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It is a silk fabric woven on a special loom that has been warped with a striped pattern. Both the horizontal and vertical patterns have the same pattern, so it is a very beautiful pattern.

it is opening and closing with a clasp - an easy glasses case.

The tartan check expressed with the Nishijin-Ori,the fineness and the gloss unique to pure silk are splendid.



It is an image of the size of the product.

*Please understand that there are some differences in the way of measurement.


Nishijin brocade pile type glasses case tartan check inside

The hole which a strap can attach is attached.

Please customize it with your favorite decoration.


A flaw is not easily attached with the napped lining cloth.

Nishijin brocade pile type glasses case tartan check strap-hole

Lining color is black.


The glasses of large size may not enter,

it's up to H1.96inch(5cm)×W5.5inch(14cm)×D0.98inch(2.5cm).



Products of simple packaging

Made in Japan!

*although the color integration of the products picture is performed, a color may change on the display in use -- please understand the situation beforehand.

Size    H:3.34inch(8.5cm)×W:7.08inch(18cm)×D:1.37inch(3.5cm)                                                weight:0.13pounds(60g)

Material  outer:pure silk/lining:nylon




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