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Atelier Kyoto Nishijin

Pure silk Nishijin-Ori , clasp type shoulder pochette , silk nep yarn check brown

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This product is finished with a soft image using silk nep yarn, and finished with a texture that overturns the concept of silk fabric.

It may not be transmitted in the image, but the texture is more like a wool fabric.

However, it is 100% silk, it is very difficult to weave, and here we can see the high level of weaving technology.



It is a specification that can be used with a shoulder.

Removable and adjustable.


*Only the shoulder belt is made in China.


Looking from the front, it looks like this, the rounded shape is very cute.

It is an image of the size of the product.

*Please understand that there are some differences in the way of measurement.

Looking from the side, it looks like this, and the piping part is also made of silk fabric.

Since reinforcement is also included in this part, it also has the effect of preventing shape loss.


Opening and closing is a clasp type.

It can be opened and closed with one hand, and it is easy to use because it closes tightly.

In Japan, it is called a "Gamakuchi", its origin comes from where the frog's mouth appears to be open.

In Japanese, Gama is a frog and KUCHI is a mouth.

It is said that it calls fortune and has been favored and used by Japanese.


The inside has two open pockets, a convenient specification for putting small accessories.

The material is cotton and the color is black.


*Because this product uses silk-nep yarn, some knots appear in some places, but it is characteristic, it is not a defect, so please understand it.


Products of simple packaging

Made in Japan!

*although the color integration of the products picture is performed, a color may change on the display in use -- please understand the situation beforehand.

Size    H:8.66inch(22cm)×W:10.63inch(27cm)×D:3.94inch(10cm)                                                weight:0.64pounds(270g)

Material  outer:pure silk/lining:cotton

Spec               inside:open pocket×2



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